A New Look at the Resort Area District

  • Frank DeBerry
  • 24 Sep 2016
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Hello all.  I hope you had a fantastic summer and are as eager as I am to get the winter started! 


I want to welcome all of you to an important meeting that will be held at Snowshoe on September 24th at 1PM in the Tygart Room of Allegheny Springs. Many of you who attended the State of the Shoe on Homeowner’s weekend will remember that I made a promise to assist in coordinating the efforts to revisit the Resort Area District concept for the Snowshoe community.  As the first step in that effort, I have invited each of the Homeonwer’s Association Presidents at the Mountain to attend and participate in a discussion on the merits, process, and impacts of doing so.  In ongoing efforts to be open and inclusive, all homeowners in attendance will be given a chance to comment at the start of the meeting.  As I stated in May, any successful petition will require the support of the homeowner community, and I hope to provide an ongoing forum to provide accurate information to every homeowner as well as to openly communicate your concerns or questions.  It is no secret that I believe the District to be critical to maintaining the beauty, functionality, and safety of our Community in a way that reduces the financial burden on property owners at the Mountain. It is also no secret that without homeowner support, I do not see a path forward for the District concept at Snowshoe. This is a critically important issue for all of us and worthy of attention by us all.  For those of you unable to attend in person, you may submit comments in writing in advance to rbachman@snowshoemountain.com if you would like and we will read them aloud.  We will be recording the meeting on video and will make that video available online within a few days after the meeting.


Overall Agenda:

Public Comment: 3-5 minute timeslots (based on number of commenters) available to all Snowshoe Homeowners. Please sign up when entering the room. 

Presentation by Frank:

Review of the Purpose for the RAD

Review the Process 

Prior Failed Petition

Current State


Controversial Topics – choosing a direction

Potential Legislative Changes Needed

              The New Petition – early homeowner involvement

              Outreach and Education

              Organizing Committee Volunteers & Nominations


Go-Forward Action Items Based on Conversation Outcomes

Formation of an Organizing Committee


Thank you all – hope to see many of you on the 24th!


Frank DeBerry

President & COO

Snowshoe Mountain Resort


10 Snowshoe Drive – Snowshoe, WV 26209