County Commission / SRCD make it easier to vote…

  • Frank DeBerry
  • 25 Jan 2018
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In an effort to make it as easy as possible for members of the District to vote in the February 24th election for the board of directors, Bill Beard, President of the Pocahontas County Commission, and Robert Martin, Attorney for the Pocahontas County Commission, have agreed to serve as objective proxies for any voter who wishes to assign a fully directed proxy to vote on their behalf at the election.  If you have selected the candidates for whom you wish to vote, but cannot attend the election meeting on February 24th and do not otherwise have a proxy to represent you, you can have your selections counted by completing a proxy form naming Mr. Beard and Mr. Martin as your proxy and selecting the three candidates that you want your proxy to vote for.  (or in the case of commercial or unimproved proxies, selecting one candidate)


Proxy forms were sent by mail to all eligible voters along with the public notice of the election meeting.   Proxy forms are also available at


To complete a directed proxy form:

  • Write-in “Robert Martin or William S Beard” as your proxy.  (or the name of a proxy of your choosing who will attend the meeting)
  • Select the three residential candidates that you want your proxy to vote for (for commercial or unimproved proxies, select only one candidate).  Mr. Martin and Mr. Beard will only cast votes for the candidates selected on the proxy form.
  • Return the proxy form as directed in the instructions.

Undirected or ‘general’ proxies should be assigned to a person whose judgement you trust to vote on your behalf, and who will attend the meeting.  Mr. Martin and Mr. Beard will NOT cast votes assigned to them for undirected proxies (proxies for whom the selected candidates are not identified)

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