Election Results – Snowshoe Resort Community District Board of Directors

On Saturday, February 24th, an election was held to determine the first Board of Directors for the Snowshoe Resort Community District.   Here are the results of the election:

Representing the Owners of Residential Improved Properties:

w – Rick Vaughan – 447

w – Dave Dragan – 371

w – Chris Monger – 229

Mike Carpenter – 159

Keith Shaver – 152

Todd Smullen – 135

David Billings – 133

Sam Gibson – 61

Representing the Owners of Commercial Improved Properties:

w – Lawrence Walkup – 27

Mike Carpenter – 19

Representing the Owners of Unimproved Properties:

w – George Murphy – 310

Representing the Resort Operator:

w – Frank DeBerry – 1

w – Patti Duncan – 1

On behalf of the petitioners and all who contributed so much to bringing us to this exciting time, Congratulations to our new Board and thank you to all candidates for your commitment to our community.  Thanks also to County Commissioner William Beard for attending to supervise the election, and to County Commission attorney Robert Martin for acting as Marshal for the Election.

The Board will meet on March 19th at 9:00 AM in the Williams Conference Rooms of Allegheny Springs to take the Oath of Office, to organize and appoint officers, and to set forth meeting dates to begin forming the District’s bylaws.  All members of the District are welcomed to attend.

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One thought on “Election Results – Snowshoe Resort Community District Board of Directors

  1. Frank and county commissioners, Bill Beard, and attorney Robert Martin, and the sheriff that took time from their busy schedule to attend this once in a life time election. I PERSONALLY THANK ALL THAT HAVE BEEN INVOLVED. What a journey this has been.
    I want to thank all that voted and spoke their voice for this first every at large election. I feel our homeowners have spoken, did their due diligence, voted from their personal research, and their heart.
    I thank all that voted and cared. Such an important choice has been made.
    I could not be happier with the election results for the elected candidates, what a great Board we now have at Snowshoe. I feel we have great homeowner representation that offers knowledge, wisdom, youth, and direction. All required elements that will create wonderful success for the ENTIRE mountain from this first elected Board.
    While we had 750-800 homeowner votes, that is about 33% that cared and got involved. (out of 2100-2200 homeowners) In all we had a great turnout. Based on national average, we were 15- 20% above national average for local elections. This demonstrates the desire of many.
    We now have an elected Board that will get to work ASAP starting Mach 20th, well ahead of schedule. I know this elected board, all with heart, will work very hard to insure the best for all homeowners at Snowshoe.
    I am here for all elected to this first Board. As I have said from the beginning, I will support “any and all elected board members”. I will assist any subcommittee as an assistant to help this very busy board to succeed.
    If anyone wants to assist this very busy board, offer your time, energy, and enthusiasm, let them know we are here to assist in any way possible. This is all for support of SS mountain, now and the future.
    Harry Gillum
    VP Wabasso
    Board member since 1998

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