Meet the Candidates

 In the links below you will find, listed alphabetically, the candidate profiles to each of the candidates for the three open SRCD Board seats representing the owners of improved residential property within the District.


    David Billings – Owner of The Corduroy Inn & Appalachia Kitchen, and 93 South Westridge Road

     Mike Carpenter – Owner of 91 South Westridge Road

     David Dragan – Owner of a Home and two unimproved lots in Old Spruce as well as Silver Creek 1221 

      Sam Gibson – Owner of Rimfire 148

     Chris Monger – Owner of Top of the World Units 304 and 305

     Keith Shaver – Owner of Silver Creek 2205 and Silver Creek 5311

     Todd Smullen – Owner of 107 North Westridge Road

     Rick Vaughan – Owner of Powderidge Unit 45


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