Welcome to the Snowshoe Community Resort Area District Website

Welcome to our new website!  This site will serve as a central communication tool for information and discussion around the Snowshoe community’s efforts to develop a resort district concept that will benefit our entire community.  Today we have a few important resources intended to help you become informed so that you can engage in the process and help develop and turn into reality a concept that represents our collective needs.  In addition to the overview above, please visit the “Resources” section to see a sample budget of how a District might operate in the future.  In this same section, you’ll find a video taped forum between Snowshoe Resort’s President, Frank DeBerry, and Homeowner Association representatives from across the Mountain.  This forum, while long, is very informative as to the issues and attitudes that must be considered as we move forward.  Soon we will add an FAQ section, and create forums in which you can ask questions or discuss issues.  Thank you for your participation in the process!

One thought on “Welcome to the Snowshoe Community Resort Area District Website

  1. Frank….i fought in three wars, raised a family and have been a good snowshoe citizen. we were on opposite sides of the RAD but I never denigrated your integrity or your motives.
    I am then disappointed that you would chose to cast disparaging remarks during the recent meeting with respect to my character.
    This was a strategic error…..
    or, as Forrest Gump postulated…. “stupid is as stupid does…’
    no better friend, no worse enemy……

    you will hear from those who do the actual analysis ( not IW lawyers) again…..

    ….please do not ever insult me again….; bill Mchenry,

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