January Resort Update

  • Frank DeBerry
  • 17 Jan 2017
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On December 11th, homeowner board representatives from across the Mountain met to discuss the latest efforts to form a Resort Area District for Snowshoe.  The group gathered for two primary purposes:

  1. to reaffirm overall support for the District concept as a way to further enhance community services and infrastructure around the Resort without placing the burden for doing so upon the cost of homeownership.  As proposed, the District concept would increase funding for community services (currently 100% supported by Mountain Top Assessments) by more than 30% through the implementation of Resort Service Fees to be placed on the sales of lift tickets, food and beverage sales, and retail sales at the Mountain.  For more information on the proposal, please visit www.snowshoerad.com.  Here you will find recorded meetings, Q&A, a proposed budget, and more information on the concept.
  2. To discuss, debate, and resolve some of the more controversial issues around the District concept – issues upon which opinions have differed across the Resort.  As elected homeowner representatives, this group has worked over the past months to get these issues on the table, and to collaborate to find common ground on those issues so that we can put together a petition that the vast majority of homeowners will find beneficial to their interests.

At the conclusion of the meeting and after much very well conducted debate and discussion, all but one of the HOA representatives voted in support of a set of terms around which we will frame a new petition to the Pocahontas County Commission.

As a homeowner at the Mountain, I strongly encourage you to become familiar with the district concept through one of the following means:

  1. Visit www.snowshoerad.com – watch the video discussion forums on the concept – these are full of open and frank information on what the District means for homewoners.  Check out the budget and the FAQ’s section.  Read the state statute describing Resort Area Districts.
  2. Speak with your HOA boards – nearly all HOA’s on the Mountain have participated in the discussion process and have offered to assist in the information sharing process wherever possible.
  3. Call or write Frank DeBerry, or any member of the District Steering Committee, made up of homeowner proponents who’ve been willing to dedicate their time towards the development of a District concept for the good of all property owners on the Mountian.  Steering Committee Members are:

The next steps in the process are the development of the new petition itself, followed by a new round of homeowner outreach by your Association Boards to solicit signatures in support of the new petition.  With such overwhelming support of the HOA leadership across the Resort, I look forward to working together with the HOAs to gather several hundred signatures on the new petition.


Frank DeBerry

President & COO

Snowshoe Mountain Resort


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