Proxy Forms for February 24th Election of SRCD Board of Directors

We’re just a month away from the first ever election for the Board of Directors of the Snowshoe Resort Community District.  Voting by each class of property owner for the initial election will be held at 1PM in the Black Bear Meeting Rooms of the Mountain Lodge on February 24th.

All members may vote by proxy if they cannot attend in person.  For your convenience, we’ve made proxy forms available in the links below for you to download and remit by either giving the completed form directly to your proxy (who can in turn bring it with them to the meeting), or by mailing/emailing the proxy form to Ruth Bachman.  Completed proxy forms will be accepted right up until the start of the election for the seat being voted upon.

In assigning your proxy for residential voting, you may choose to either direct the voting towards one, two, or three candidates; or you may choose to leave the voting decisions to your proxy.  These instructions should be made clear by the selection of the appropriate boxes within the form.

Most importantly, remember that the proxy casting the votes must attend the meeting in person.

If you have questions about completing the proxy form please write to

Residential Parcel Owner Proxy forms can be found HERE

Commercial Parcel Owner Proxy forms can be found HERE

Unimproved Parcel Owner Proxy forms can be found HERE

3 thoughts on “Proxy Forms for February 24th Election of SRCD Board of Directors

  1. HARRY GILLUM says:
    January 29, 2018 at 11:50 pm

    Trusted Recommendations Of a Very Interested Homeowner

    Dear HOA Presidents and Homeowners:
    For those that do not know me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Harry Gillum and, with my wife and three sons, have owned unit #10 at Wabasso since 1997. Soon after purchasing my property and making numerous trips between my home in Clarksburg, WV and the mountain, I developed a desire and vision to do whatever I could to make Snowshoe the premier destination resort on the East Coast.

    Despite my busy schedule as the owner of two musical instrument retail stores located in Bridgeport and Beckley, West Virginia, I began serving on several committees and subcommittees at Wabasso, as well as other mountaintop committees. In 1998, I became Vice President of the Wabasso HOA and have served continuously in that role to the present date.

    I share the above biographical information with you to give insight as to my experience, perspective, and ‘institutional knowledge’ of Snowshoe Mountain – the progress that has been made in the past and the potential bright future that lies ahead. To be clear, the purpose of this letter is not to espouse my credentials for deciding what’s best for Snowshoe but, rather, to provide the basis for the recommendations set forth below.

    As many of you may recall, Frank DeBerry (President/COO of Snowshoe) was giving his annual ‘State of the Shoe’ address in fall of 2016. When he stated that the ’RAD was dead.’ Given that the Pocahontas County Commission had rejected
    the RAD application several times, he didn’t believe there was a path forward to ever getting it passed.

    Following his presentation, I encouraged him not to give up on the RAD and suggested to him that there may indeed be a path forward, one that would require developing ‘homeowner grassroots’ support. Previously, it appeared that the only supporter of the RAD was Snowshoe, and a few concerned homeowners which created the impression upon the Pocahontas County Commission that the homeowners were not supportive of it. I offered Frank my support and willingness to help in any way that I could to try one final time.

    Shortly after my conversation with Frank, a RAD steering committee was organized and created to begin the process of determining whether sufficient ‘homeowner grassroots’ support existed for the RAD concept. I was selected to be a member of the steering committee of eight individuals.

    The members of this steering committee were not only individuals who had the vision and desire to make Snowshoe the ultimate vacation destination for families but, most importantly, each had to possess, or develop, an understanding of what the RAD was about and how it would work to benefit ALL homeowners, as well as the entire mountain.

    The original RAD steering committee consisted of the following individuals:

    Rick Vaughan – President, Powderidge Association–;
    Kevin Elvin – President, Rimfire Association –,
    Harry Gillum – VP, Wabasso Association –,
    James Armbrust, Esq. – VP, Rimfire Association –,
    Robert Trout – Owner of several properties –,
    Voras Haynes – Pres. Allegheny Springs HOA –,
    Mike Carpenter – West Ridge Road Association –,
    Frank DeBerry – Pres./COO Snowshoe –

    These meetings started September 2016 through 2018 at the president meetings and grew to develop a RAD steering committee and this committee has been running full tilt ever since. All steering committee members attended in person or by phone being nearly 100% (the rare absence of a member from a meeting was due to scheduling/travelling conflicts that could not be avoided).

    On most all occasions, the meetings were also attended by HOA Presidents or their designee. The purpose of these meetings was designed for everyone in attendance (including anyone who attended that may not have been part of the steering committee) to become educated on the RAD laws recently passed by the West Virginia legislature and to communicate the benefits of the RAD to the homeowners.

    I attended EVERY meeting of the steering committee and also know firsthand everyone else who attended and the corresponding level of working knowledge each appeared to have of how the RAD will impact Snowshoe Mountain and the homeowners.

    Following the approval of the RAD petition by the Pocahontas County Commission, several candidates have placed their names in contention to serve on the original RAD board. Only three homeowners can be selected. While I am not personally associated with any of the candidates, I have paid close attention to the details of what will be expected of them and the knowledge each appears to have regarding the RAD.

    I should note that on January 6th 2018, a forum was held for each of the interested candidates to participate and answer questions. If you have a desire to watch the forum, here is a link for you to do that. Just copy and paste the link below to your URL . I must warn you, however, that the video is 1 hour and 25 minutes long and is not the most interesting viewing material. However it will help you to better understand the position I have taken for the three best candidates, in my opinion.

    Nonetheless, based upon having been a part of this process since its inception, as well as the demonstrated understanding of the RAD by the candidates during the panel discussion, I recommend the following three individuals to receive your vote to serve on the initial RAD board (you can also learn a lot about this whole process at

    Dave Dragan (Silver Creek) 304-572-5556

    Rick Vaughan (Powderidge) 864-421-4784

    Mike Carpenter (South West Ridge) 937-308-6000

    You can copy and paste to your URL the link below each candidate name to read their answers to the candidate questionnaire. This will give you a better insight about each of the candidates I have selected.

    David Dragan – Owner of a Home and two unimproved lots in Old Spruce as well as Silver Creek 1221

    Rick Vaughan – Owner of Powderidge Unit 45

    Mike Carpenter – Owner of 91 South Westridge Road

    Unfortunately, there is an effort underway to inject ‘scare tactic’ politics into this election process. Most recently, it has been suggested that a vote for certain individuals will result in benefits of the RAD accruing to limited sections of the mountain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quite frankly, the candidates who are spreading this misinformation appeared to be the least informed of all candidates who appeared at the RAD forum, and the suggestions they are making confirm my impression.

    Perhaps it is the fear of losing an election that has caused these individuals to try and instill fear and uncertainty in the minds of so many. As I mentioned above, I am not personally acquainted with any of the candidates other than having gotten to know them throughout the steering committee process. Like you, I also own property on Snowshoe Mountain and want nothing but the best for it. I truly would not make the above recommendations if I didn’t believe they were the most qualified people to serve on the initial board.

    Finally, I ask that this statement be shared with all HOA’s on the mountain and offer support for those that are recommended above and who appear to be the most qualified and educated to serve. To elect these three individuals will be an asset to the original RAD board and allow them to begin charting a new path for the future of Snowshoe. Each of them will do so without prejudice or personal gain.

    If you have questions about how to assign your proxy, feel free to contact myself, or your Association Board or President. You can also Contact Ruth Bachman Snowshoe Executive Assistant to Frank Deberry, President/COO Snowshoe Mountain at

    If you would like to discuss any of the foregoing information with me, you may reach me at any of the forms of communication below.

    Yours very truly,

    Harry Gillum
    P.S. If everyone will copy me when forwarding this information to others, I will track all that have received this information. This will allow me to answer any questions if I can stay in the loop.

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