Resort Area District Steering Committee asks for feedback…

  • Frank DeBerry
  • 11 Nov 2016
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A message from the Resort Area District Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is comprised of HOA leaders across the Resort who strongly believe that a Resort Area District is important to us all, and are willing to lead the efforts to develop a RAD petition that is good for us all. The goals of the Steering Committee are as follows: (1) to educate property owners as to the benefits of the RAD, (2) to address any questions or concerns that a property owner may have, and (3) to assist in the drafting of a petition to be submitted to the County Commissioners for approval. Not all concerns can be addressed in the petition, some will have to be addressed in the RAD bylaws.

The Steering Committee has received feedback from various association presidents. While the associations’ presidents feedback has been very helpful, we would like for all property owners who have a question or concern to speak up. We want to hear your questions or concerns and to provide you with a truthful answer.

We need your support in order to implement this very important project! Once the benefits of the RAD are understood, I truly believe that you will vote Yes in favor of adopting the RAD for Snowshoe.

Should anyone like to contact us with questions or concerns, or if you would like to help us in our efforts and join our committee, members of the Steering Committee can be reached at:

Rick Vaughan – President, Powderidge Association – 864-421-4784 or

Kevin Elvin – President, Rimfire Association –

Harry Gillum – VP, Wabasso Association –

James Armbrust, Esq. – VP, Rimfire Association –

Robert Trout – Owner of several properties across the Mountain. –

Voras Haynes – President – Allegheny Springs Association –

Mike Carpenter – West Ridge Road Association –

Frank DeBerry – President – Snowshoe Mountain –


Thank you for taking the time to get involved.

Rick Vaughan President Powderidge