Working Meeting Scheduled for December 11th, 2016

In the time since our last meeting on the 24th, several homeowners who’ve collectively volunteered to help steer the development of a new petition (the “Steering Group”) have held conversations with the attendees of September’s forum to collect feedback and views on the various aspects of the District, and how we might move forward on a new petition. We’ve seen strong support for the concept as a whole, which is encouraging.

In general, we seem to have nearly unanimous agreement around the following benefits:

1. The agreement that despite being more complicated as a solution than incorporation as a traditional municipality, a Resort Area District is preferable to a municipality because the framework of a District permits voting rights to non-resident property owners.
2. The agreement that Resort Service Fees are a needed benefit, generating $800k or more annually to fund community infrastructure and services that are currently paid for entirely through Mountain Top Assessments
3. The agreement that property owner representation in requesting and managing community funds is a benefit for all involved.

These are and have always been the key tenets of the District concept – in short – provide additional funding to offset the costs of property ownership on the Mountain while also putting more control for how community dollars are spent into the hands of a more representative body. It is for these reasons that a large majority of those polled feel strongly that this idea is important and needed.

In addition, we seem to have general agreement on the following approaches to addressing the remaining parts of the proposal that still require wider-spread agreement before we have ‘the right solution’:
1. The agreement that we desire to achieve our goals without further legislative action if possible due to the uncertainties around our ability to successfully re-open the legislative process a third time.
a. Alternatively, a combination of the petition and the bylaws can be used to further refine our plans and best reflect the desires of the majority.
2. The agreement that some portion of the resort service fees should be used directly to reduce Mountain Top Assessment obligations currently paid by property owners in the form of a credit or reimbursement against MTA fees paid.
3. The agreement between homeowners and Snowshoe; as a means to ensure that Snowshoe does not hold a majority of seats on the Board, that so long as Snowshoe holds majority control over the commercial interests at the Resort, Snowshoe will nominate and vote in the commercial election to elect the 4th highest vote-taker of the residential property class election; or in the case where fewer than 3 HO elections are to be held concurrently, to support highest vote taking non-elected candidate of that HO election.

We’ve also identified five specific areas upon which we must continue discussion and reach a stronger level of agreement before proceeding with a petition:
1. Special assessments
2. District rangers
3. Precinct representation vs at-large representation of homeowner representatives.
4. Term limits for board members
5. Further clarification that properties cannot be attached as collateral for debts. (while all involved agree that this condition must hold true if the District is to have the support of the community, some have asked for further clarification on this issue and it will be discussed in the meeting.)

Having reviewed the feedback received, I am optimistic that together we can achieve our combined goals. We have some very specific feedback and ideas to share and discuss, and so to continue the conversation, we are holding another meeting of Association Presidents on December 11th, at 10AM in the Seneca Board Room @ Snowshoe. The focus of the meeting will be to talk through these five points and to attempt to reach large-scale agreement upon which we might move forward. All homeowners are welcomed attend or to call into and listen to the meeting by calling (866) 853-3901 and entering participant code: 8639019277. Please e-mail Ruth Bachman at if you plan to attend in person so that we can plan appropriately for crowd size. The meeting will be recorded and made available at in the days following the meeting.

Thank you for your continued feedback, candor, and willingness to participate in charting a new course for our future together as a community.

5 thoughts on “Working Meeting Scheduled for December 11th, 2016

  1. To all fellow homeowners and business partners,

    As a permanent resident and business owner in West Virginia, I know we must become innovative, creative, and resourceful to maintain continued success.
    As a member of the RAD “Steering Committee” I am proud of the enthusiasm demonstrated to achieve the much needed, much over due agreement, to provide better homeowner, and guest services, while visiting our island in the sky. I feel very positive and energized to see this project moving forward, as well as the support of so many. We have crossed many hurdles and have made positive headway through a better understanding, and by correctly defining what the RAD can and CANNOT DO! I feel certain if some of the previously opposed had correctly understood all the positive aspects of the agreement, as well as the process involved to set an example in WV as a mark in WV history as the first, it would have passed long ago. I ENCOURAGE ALL homeowners to get involved in the understanding and passage of the RAD. Share my thoughts and contact info with your fellow homeowners…if they have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    If I can assistance to answer any questions, I can be reached at cell 304-669-0069, office 304-842-3560 , home 304-622-3690, or email at, or

    I look forward moving to tomorrow’s future as I know the RAD will enforce a continued success for current and future homeowners at Snowshoe Mountain, as well as secure the much needed financial support to assist all that are invested and believe in why we are at Snowshoe in the first place….Because we love it!

    Harry Gillum

    VP since 1998

  2. I am not a permanent resident at Snowshoe like Harry or so many others. However, my wife and I have been coming up to Snowshoe since the mid 90’s. We have owned units in Rimfire since its inception in 1999. The people on the mountain are some of the best resources anywhere. It is always great to spend time be it winter, summer, spring, or fall. There is always something to do or see (and a lot of it we do over and over). I have been the President of the Rimfire HOA for two years now and, along with our board, are bringing Rimfire back to its “keystone” status. Not only do we need to take care of our own building, we need to help with our community. That is where the RAD comes in.

    With the state of the economy since 2008 and the value of property, we need the RAD now more than ever. That additional money from the RAD, which would have been about $1.3 million dollars by now had it gone through the first time, would have helped to make the resort so much more attractive. Everybody knows that if the place looks good, more will come (and bring their money!)

    Think about it, why would Snowshoe use this to destroy the homeowners’ investment as some have said. It would bankrupt Snowshoe and the entire mountain would become a ghost town and everybody would loose everything! It is just the opposite. This will help to make the mountain more attractive, safer, and more pleasurable to draw more crowds. Being remote as we are, we need to do even more to draw customers. The money coming in from the RAD will help to make that happen.

    There are concerns from some on how to structure some of the aspects of RAD. Concerns and disagreements are good. It means people care and involved. At the end of the day, most will agree this is good. There is no way it can be used as an instrument to funnel money into one group or organization. There are too many checks and balances in place. The West Virginia legislature would not set up something that would come back to bite them.

    We have to compromise on some things to get the most people in agreement to move forward. All the wild scenarios that have been brought to light can easily be shown to be under control by the RAD board and the laws governing the RAD.

    If you have a concern, bring it up. We want to keep everything transparent as possible! The goal is to improve Snowshoe. Join in on that goal. If you are really concerned, run for the board so you can have input in how things are set up and run. If others share your concerns, you will have support.

    The Steering Committee is honestly listening to your concerns and incorporating much of what we hear. We want to provide something that will encompass as much of the public opinion as possible. It is definitely a positive thing in my opinion.

    If you have questions, concerns, comments, or even suggestions, I am more than willing to bring that information back to the Steering Committee or explain what I can. The RAD has the ability to help Snowshoe on an epic scale. If you are not sure, please contact me or somebody on the Steering Committee.

    I can be reached by cell at (919) 880-6536 or email at

    Kevin Elvin
    HOA President

  3. I believe that securing the future of the resort and our properties is decisive to securing the future of Snowshoe. As a property owner on mountain and off mountain, it is clear to me that the Resort Area District (RAD) is fit for purpose and the proper device to ensure we meet the longevity of our investments and the mountain we all love. I can’t imagine not having Snowshoe or losing this magical place for lack of funding as the Mountain Top Assesment (MTA) sunset provisions occur and revenue becomes more scarce to fund what services and improvements are required to keep bringing visitors, investors and all of us back year after year.

    The RAD is designed to ensure that improvements to the district that encompasses the boundaries of Snowshoe are available in the future and needed improvement projects are possible. The RAD is an instrument to ensure that 1) everyone has a voice 2) that voice is heard 3) consideration is given 4) decisions are made 5) action is taken which everyone benefits from. The hard fact is there is no money tree to fund what is needed to secure a promising future for the area…however, there is the RAD which in design and operation will provide much needed revenue to enhance and replace lost revenue as the MTA becomes defunded. The RAD provides a voice to stakeholders of the area to have a common charter and voice that will lead to control over our mutual investments. This is key to the consideration and support I have personally given to the RAD. I am in alignment that our failure as owners and stakeholders in Snowshoe will benefit from the operation of the RAD from having a voice to what is occurring with my money, but also secure the longevity of my investments and enjoyment of Snowshoe.

    I understand and have heard the misinformation around the RAD and attachment to personal/real property by Snowshow and Intrawest and have only this to put forth to you- it is not allowed under the law- they have no ownership as a group of companies to attach to our property as in the eyes of the law they do not have a binding ownership interest in our property. In plain language- your neighbor can’t legally use your home as collateral to secure a loan for their use. Even if they did so by fraudulent means any attachment to your property without your consent in writing would be set aside in the courts and any attachment to your assets would be severed and you would have zero responsibility for that debt. That’s the bottom line.

    If you want a vote and say in what is done with your money or how improvements are decided, this is your vehicle to do just that.

    I encourage you to read the FAQ’s on this site for more information and review the budgets and other documents found here. Once you have had the chance to reach your own conclusion or have any questions that I may assist with or find the correct person to assist you with your question, please let me know.

    I am invested in the success of the RAD and I hope you will soon join me once you have had the opportunity to review the documentation and detailed numbers. It is straight forward and in our best interest.

    My very best regards,

    Jim Armbrust,
    Rimfire Lodge, Board of Directors, Vice President

  4. Kevin,
    While I am a resident of West Virginia, my home at Snowshoe is my vacation/resort home. I live about 2.5 hours away in Harrison County and operate two business located in Bridgeport and Beckley WV. I know I am at Snowshoe often, and would love to make that my primary residence, however just wanted all to know that I do not live there year round. While it would be great to call that home….sometimes I do say, “this is home.” Because it always feels so good when there. Sorry if any thought I live the year round. Just wanted to clear up that statement.
    On another topic, you and Jim are spot on and we, “The Steering Committee” know and understand the importance of the RAD support by all. The “Steering Committee” is offering our time and resources to assist and support this KEY device for approval.
    Another very important piece of information is for all homeowners to know and understand that the resort fees are collected the same as state sales tax, and Snowshoe must pay that collection to the state each month on the 15th. For the previous months revenue. Those collections are then sent and or direct deposit directly into the RAD checking account. (Not a Snowshoe account) and this account is 100% controlled by the BOD of the RAD elected personal. Snowshoe DOES NOT control this income. It is controlled by the RAD directors, with a large percentage placed in a long term savings account that can only be used as dictated by the petition…a giant benefit for the homeowners, based on what is required for this money to be used, allocated, or spent.
    I thank all of you that have offered their time, energy, and knowledge in supporting this drive!
    Again, I offer anyone can contact me any time at the contact info I provided in my first post.
    PLEASE send info to all of our homeowners about this site, and if they are not sure what to ask, or not sure they want to post a question, or if they need clarifications on any issues…PLESE CONTACT a Steering Committee Member if they are not sure they what to ask a question on this forum.
    We are all here to help!


    Harry Gillum
    Wabasso VP since 1998

  5. I am a property owner at Powderidge and have been since they were built. I have been actively involved in trying to get the Resort Area District (RAD) adopted and implemented at Snowshoe. I am currently a member of the Steering Committee.

    The goal of the Steering Committee is as follows: (1) to educate property owners as to the benefits of the RAD, (2) to address any questions or concerns that a property owner may have, and (3) to assist in the drafting of a petition to be submitted to the County Commissioners for approval. Not all concerns can be addressed in the petition, some will have to be addressed in the RAD bylaws.

    The Steering Committee has received feedback from various association presidents. While the associations’ presidents feedback has been very helpful, we would like for all property owners who have a question or concern to speak up. We want to hear your questions or concerns and to provide you with a truthful answer.
    We need your support in order to implement this very important project! Once the benefits of the RAD are understood, I truly believe that you will vote Yes in favor of adopting the RAD for Snowshoe.

    Should anyone like to contact me with questions or concerns I can be reached at 864-421-4784 or

    Thank you for taking the time to get involved .

    Rick Vaughan
    President Powderidge

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