12/11/17 – Snowshoe Resort Community District – Getting Down to Business!

Hello and Happy Winter!

We’re all extremely excited to welcome a great stretch of cold snowmaking weather to the Resort…and round-the-clock snowmaking will continue into the foreseeable future…look for fast openings of new terrain over coming days…including, if all goes well, Cupp Run, Silver Creek, and the South Mountain connection trails all by next weekend!

As we enter into the new season in full force, I’m also extremely pleased to announce that on December 5th, the County Commission entered an Order officially creating the Snowshoe Resort Community District.  This limited-function resort area district will provide additional funding and meaningful property-owner influence into the services that protect and care for the entire Snowshoe community.  For more information on what a resort area district is and how it will be implemented at Snowshoe, visit: http://www.legis.state.wv.us/WVCODE/Code.cfm?chap=07&art=25#25 or www.snowshoerad.com

With the adoption of the Commission’s Order, the District must now hold elections for an inaugural Board of Directors within 90 days of the Order, or before March 5th, 2018.  The elections process will be carried out as follows:

  1. We are, as of today, calling for candidates interested in serving on the initial board of directors.  There are seven Board seats to be filled at the initial election:
    1. Two that will be elected by the resort operator, Snowshoe Mountain, Inc.
    2. Three that will be elected by the owners of residential, improved real property located within the District (“homeowners”) – one tax parcel = one vote
    3. One that will be elected by the owners of unimproved, developable real property located within the District (anyone who owns undeveloped land) – one tax parcel = one vote
    4. One that will be elected by the owners of commercial business property located within the District. – one tax parcel = one vote.
  • Note: for this seat, Snowshoe Mountain Inc. intends to nominate and cast its votes in this initial election in support of the 4th highest vote-getter in the election for the seat elected by the owners of improved residential, improved real property.

Candidates must be nominated in writing at the time of the elections to be held on February 25th, 2018.  While there is no legal requirement that they do so, we are asking candidates to voluntarily announce their intent to run for the Board before December 30th, 2017 so that we may collect and share candidate background and position information with all property owners in advance of the meeting, and so that we can create directed proxies in the candidate’s name which we will distribute to all property owners in January of 2018.  We believe this will facilitate a much more informed election process.  If a candidate chooses not to submit his name for consideration in advance, she/he may still legally be nominated at the elections meeting in February, but will not have had the opportunity to introduce himself/herself to the electorate.

If you are interested in running for a Board seat, please notify Ruth Bachman at 304-572-5601, or rbachman@snowshoemountain.com.  Ruth will provide you with a candidate questionnaire which will be posted on www.snowshoerad.com and shared with all property-owners.  We ask that you consider submitting your name on or before December 30th, 2017 so that we can post your candidate info at www.snowshoerad.com and properly plan the meeting to be held on January 6th, 2017.


  1. On January 6th 2018 at 10AM, we will hold an Association President’s Meeting combined with a ‘meet the candidates’ forum where candidates can discuss their positions on issues with property owners either in-person or by phone.  This meeting will be recorded and posted at www.snowshoerad.com so that any property owner can view it at their convenience.  We will request RSVP to this meeting in order to help us facilitate all interest.


  1. On February 25th, 2018 (date confirmation, time, and place TBD) the elections will be held for the entire Board of Directors and the Board will hold an organizational meeting.


Once the board is elected, it will first take on the task of creating by-laws and organizing the District’s governance in according with the State Statute.


Thank you to all of you who took the time to share your support with the Commission.  We very much look forward to the good that the Snowshoe Resort Community District can and will do on your behalf!

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