April 9, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

  • Frank DeBerry
  • 02 Apr 2018
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April 9 2018 Audio Part 1

April 9 2018 Audio Part 2



The Elected Board of Directors for the Snowshoe Resort Community District will hold its Quarterly Meeting at 9:00 AM on April 9, 2018 in the Seneca Board Room in the Seneca Building located 11 Seneca Building Street, Snowshoe, Pocahontas County, WV 26209.  The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 


April 9, 2018 – Quarterly Meeting of the Elected Board of Directors of the Snowshoe Resort Community District: 



o Call to order 
o Roll Call 
o Public Input – Hear Callers 
o Review and Approval of Minutes – Mr. DeBerry 
o Chairman’s Report  
Report on Business Location and PO Box 
o Treasurer’s Report  
Discussion and/or Action: Insurance 
Discussion and/or Action: Selecting a Fiscal Calendar 
Discussion and/or Action: authorize Mr. Vaughan to set up a bank account, obtain EIN 
Discussion and/or Action:  Authorize the Secretary to sign checks instead of treasurer due to remote residence of Treasurer. 
o Report on the hiring of staff – Mr. Monger 
Discussion and/or Action: Attorney and Administrative Assistant  
Discussion and/or Action: To Investigate and report to Board on the requirements and costs of becoming an employer 
o Resort Service Fee and Assessments Committee Report – Mr. Vaughan 
Discussion and/or Action to adopt a Resort Service Fee 
o Rules and Bylaws Committee Report – Chairman 
o Communications Committee Report – Mr. Monger 
Discussion and/or Action: Use of G-Suite by the Board 
iscussion and/or Action: District Website 
o Unfinished Business: 
Discussion and/or Action: Tabled Agenda Item regarding the establishment of a Precincts Committee 
o New Business  
Discussion and/or Action: Financial Resolution – obtain a line of credit from SMI 
Board Orientation – Mr. Martin 
Open Meetings; Motions Practice; Executive Sessions; Committee Procedures; and, Agendas. 
Discussion and/or Action: Rules of Order around Public Callers.  
o Adjourn